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Hermann Cohn


Author of numerous papers including his 1982 "The Redistribution of Nuclear Waste", his visionary solution to the problem of storing nuclear waste by dispursing it in weapons fire around the world. "The practical application is only limited by the imagination of our leaders in creating brush fire wars". In his latest paper, "To Every Season" he takes on four of the most intractable problems we face in the first decades of the 21st century (1) global warming (2) nuclear proliferation (3) overpopulation (4) conflict in the Middle East.

"In 1983 Carl Sagan and others published their classic analysis of the outcome of massive nuclear exchange, namely a "nuclear winter". The extermination of life on the planet by a nuclear debris filled atmosphere that choked out all light seems to have closed the door on massive nuclear exchange as a tool in strategic thinking.. Much has been made of the advance this made over LeMay's estimate of the effect of such an exchange. But further advances in computer modeling have equally antiquated Sagan's research. To "nuclear winter" we can now add a whole range of seasons, "nuclear fall", "nuclear spring", etc. depending on the number of nuclear weapons involved and the resultant debris in the atmosphere. The level of nuclear exchange necessary to counteract the effect of global warming is simply calculated. It only remains to create the nuclear exchange.

The current foolhardy approach to stopping nuclear proliferation needs no comment. Rather an appropriate quantity of nuclear weapons would be distributed to 3rd world countries desperate for them. Natural enmity and arranged "border incidents" would do the rest. The nuclear exchanges would fix the effects of global warming, nuclear proliferation, overpopulation and even conflict in the Middle East. It's natural to assume, that without a Middle East there would be no conflict there.



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