New Orleans Campus
544E Camp Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

Nobody's born a lone nut. Lee Oswald is typical of our famous alumnae who all started out as your average well adjusted guys next door and would have remained in such bland oblivion if they hadn't discovered the Essex Academy. You've heard those silly stories about Lee not acting alone, about him being with the mob, Office of Naval Intelligence, or the FBI. Forget it, we taught him everything he knew. And we can teach you.
We'll teach you how to keep a self incriminating diary. It's easy to look weird, but learn the tricks to really being weird. A loner manner and how to acquire it. Dynamite or C4? "You talking to me" and other sure fire one liners. Developing a shifty gaze. Even if you don't know a mouse from a Mauser you can become obsessive about firearms. The "Ladder of Excess" and how to climb it. Polish your strangeness at our weekly antisocials.
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You have nothing to lose but your insignificance.





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