Occam's Razor Company Ltd.
"Getting At The Truth Since 1301"
544 Camp Street Office
New Orleans, Louisiana

Since the summer of 1301, we have held steadfast to the original design of the Occam's Razor, believing that it was both fine crafted and durable and would stand the test of time. It has indeed. From the first scholastic debates over how many Angels could sit on the head of a pin to the publication of Heidegger's Being and Time, it has repaid our confidence that one design would serve to neatly sever clarity from obscurity, simplicity from complication, truth from falsehood. More recently it withstood the more severe test of the French Situationalists in the 1960's, and the disinformation campaigns of the American CIA during that spat with the former Soviet Union. Those campaigns however were still carried out with a certain decorum. Decorum has now gone the way of the music of the spheres. And why not? Why indeed slave over producing a gourmet meal, with the public avidly gobbling up any half baked entree put on their plate.

Creating disinformation is no longer an art, but as the American Robert Frost put it, rather like playing tennis with the net down.. Worse, what disinformation now lacks in quality, it makes up in vast jungle like profusion. A machete seems the instrument of choice to deal with this, not the classic Occam razor. But as our dear friend Mister Toynbee once said, it is a matter of challenge and response. And we have total confidence that our loyal customers will be in every way pleased with our response. We are proud to announce the introduction of our first new product in 700 years, The Occam's Disposable Razor.





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