The Search For Any Terrestrial Intelligence
544 Camp Street
New Orleans, La.


SETI the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has been scanning the universe for radio signals from civilizations in outer space. Below is the screensaver image sent to volunteers who offer up down time on their home computers to help with the massive computations involved in the search.

The universe is a vast place to pore over, but scientists have calculated the heavens should be filled with countless civilizations thousands or even millions of years more advanced than us. And the way technology accelerates they should be able more than able to make themselves heard. The scientists, with the help of their amateur volunteers, have heard not so much as a squeak. A sky filled with advanced civilizations and nothing but silence. This phenomenon has been referred to as "The Great Silence" and is quite a paradox, first noted by the famous physicist Enrico Fermi. Various theories have been advanced as explanations. But there is only one that rings true...

No one who thinks like us survives.

Given that our kind doesn't last long enough in the universe for good conversation, it makes sense to us to shift the search from extraterrestrial intelligence to that of almost equally rare terrestrial intelligence. Over the years there have been rumors of such contacts being made, but none has passed careful scrutiny. It's a daunting a task we agree, but we believe still worth the effort given the prognosis for our future evidenced in the heavens. Your help would be appreciated. There isn't much time left so let's fire up those silicon chips and get cracking.





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