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What this Intellectual Western Front Needs is a Sacred Cow Open Pit B-B-Q

Friday, October 19th, 2007

True independent thought seems to be dead. All sides, left, right and everything outside and in between are hunkered down in their private enclaves, passing their cherished notions among themselves until the sacred cows grow fat on the rich feed of ingroup political correctness. Despite apparent animosities and some long distance sniping, it’s clear everyone finds this static landscape of immobilized certainties quite soothing. I guess it’s the reassurance that no one is going to stray far enough from their entrenched notions to be a problem.

So in the interests of bringing maneuver to this Western Front of an intellectual landscape and just plain fun I thought I’d load up the virtual concession wagon with basting sauce and take on some of these sacred cows from time to time. I’ve designed a neon for the occasion.