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Some Notes on Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

(1) The anomaly theory of evil. Both Douglass and the single bullet people are ironically proponents of the same theory. The single bullet people are only happy when evil is confined to Oswald. Douglass can tolerate it expanded to the notion that the military industrial complex is involved. But both portray evil as an anomaly, instead of the pervasive fact of civilization itself. This is illustrated by the observation that particular groups identified with evil change throughout history, but evil itself is an ever present fact.

(2) MLK “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.” Violence is not just present in strife, but underlies and makes possible hierarchy and inequality which are the basis of civilization. In an attempt to overcome this and return to a”spiritual” way of life, the early Christians were communistic. Meditations in the desert were an attempt to reconnect with a split off nature.

(3) Consciousness becomes divided along with the division of labor of civilization. Prior to this all the facts of one’s existence are in plain view Spiritually one had to come to terms with the fact that killing (an evil) was necessary for survival… the myth of the totem animal. With civilization others were responsible for butchering, and in the end practically every function of life. So life became opaque and denial replaced the spiritual. Man wasn’t kicked out of Eden, he ate of the tree of knowledge( techne) and kicked God out of Eden… disenchanted the world so he could thoughtlessly exploit it.

(4) If it weren’t for the above, the problem of evil would simply be a political one and have no spiritual dimension. One would just have to get rid of one pesky group or another and everything would be fine.

(5) Crucial inconsistencies in Douglass’ theory of JFK as wanting out of Vietnam …the choosing of Cabot Lodge are treated as mistakes while inconsistencies in the lone nut theory…DeMohrenschildt associated with Oswald are rightfully treated as damning.

(6) If one salient fact doesn’t prove the conspiracy (e.g.DeMohrenschildt) to the single bullet people, 500 facts are not going to and in fact just weaken the case by dilution. That one fact was sufficient and should have been endlessly repeated. The selling of the truth is no different in process to the selling of the Hitlerian lie.

(7) Khruschev gambled that his rocketry would take the place of conventional forces. Unfortunately his rocket experts produced huge rockets capable of hurling large payloads into space but not accurate enough to be a military weapon. It left the USSR completely vulnerable to attack. Hence his “interest” in peace. He was just stalling until the USSR could catch up. We have come close only twice in history to nuclear annihilation..61 Berlin and 62 Cuba. Kennedy was President in both instances

(8) The reason Peace is a hard sell is violence is enormously successful. Violence in the form of civilization has spread man all over the planet with increasing wealth and numbers. We are all heir to this form of cancer. Having peace means giving this all up in some way. In terms of the US the unspeakable has been part and parcel of the country since its origin and violence is the reason we can have 60% of the world’s resources. Peace at the very least means giving that up.

(9) It is ironic that Oswald isn’t considered a hero. From the right’s single bullet perspective he helped win the cold war. From the left he was at least a patsy and may have tried to save Kennedy.

(10) There is no Unspeakable. We are speaking loud and clear by the way we choose to live. JFK, Oswald the assassins are simply extensions of us and the way we live.