The Financial Equivalent to War

It has been a hundred years since William James asked us to find “The Moral Equivalent to War”. His call away from arms has gone largely unanswered, so in extremis I’m offering another solution. It is undoubtedly less lofty a conception, leaning less to the sensibilities of William James and more to Jesse’s.

Instead of a Moral Equivalent to War I suggest a Financial Equivalent to War. The next time war fever is raging arrange to have a bagman visit the persons, businesses and institutions most likely to profit handsomely from the war and offer them money, lots of money. They don’t have to hire anybody, go to foreign lands, fudge the books and most importantly lobby the Congress for war. They get billions for doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it costs 5o billionĀ  Sure it’s a lot of money, but figuring the cost of not pursuing the financial equivalent to war in our recent history, we end up saving 550 billion dollars.